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Church Planting

A woman raising her right hand while praying.

From the very earliest days of our ministry in Tonj, our first and foremost goal in our serving was to see the people of South Sudan fall in love with and follow our Lord Jesus, and grow His Church, the Body of Christ.  The Community Health Evangelism (CHE) program has reached 70 villages (and counting) resulting in a high demand to establish churches.  These churches have transformed not only individuals, but entire villages, bringing reconciliation, hope and healing.

As of 2023, 35 churches have been planted, with an excess of 200,000 people in attendance. Over 10,000 people have made decisions for Christ, with over 3,500 being baptized.  The Tonj Bible Institute has been launched to train additional pastors to serve the growing number of churches planted. As the various programs of IDAT continue to spread the Word of God and love of Christ, and as additional pastors are raised up, we are excited to see how many more churches God will plant in the days ahead!

Please pray:

  • that CHE programs continue to bear fruit and provide the seed for planting churches in the villages
  • that pastors will be raised up that can support further sharing God’s Word in new villages