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“Join us in furthering God’s work in South Sudan.”

There are many opportunities to partner with the In Deed and Truth Ministries team to further what God is doing in South Sudan. Financial gifts, supplies, and time volunteered are impactful to extending the impact of the programs.

Examples of how your partnership impact the lives of the people in South Sudan include:

Donations to the Benevolence Fund allowed us to medivac 3 people who had been seriously injured in a motorbike accident to a hospital in Kenya. All are recovering and will be able to walk going forward. Without the funds to send them, they would have been permanently disabled.

Purchase medications such as antivenom that allowed us to treat 10-year-old Majok Chuol, who was bitten by a puff adder snake in a village that is a 10 hour walk away from Tonj. He is recovering well.

Host a medical team from Samarian’s Purse that was able to perform 562 cataract surgeries in November 2023.

Have incubators available at Noah’s place to support premature babies to be able to grow strong enough to go home.

Host mothers awaiting higher risk births that may live hours away from Tonj and medical care.

Partner with us