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Medical Scholarships 

A woman getting medical treatment by a medical professional

In Deed and Truth has the goal to staff the clinic with well trained, local personnel. This enables staff familiar with local dialects, shared life experiences, and keen understanding of daily issues to serve our patients. With a large, but untrained, labor pool readily available in Tonj and surrounding villages, employing and training them is a great opportunity. After hired, individuals with strong abilities to learn and an understanding and commitment to the vision of IDAT are sent to train for a variety of medical roles.  

While we’ve drawn on outside sources for expertise in the past, the scholarship program allows us to train local personnel and directly observe their commitment to the goals of IDAT.  We can specifically determine whether they understand that our mission is not only to meet medical needs and bless our communities, but reach people for Jesus and spread God’s Word. Scholarship recipients have filled many roles including clinical officers, nurses, lab technician, pharmacist, and clinical assistants. Others are currently training as midwives, various laboratory technicians, and human resources. In approximately five years, we are trusting God that we will be fully operating the clinic with local personnel trained through IDAT who are committed to God and our mission.